Wednesday, 2 February 2011

how to cut the background out of a image on word

to cut out the background on word first you must open word and then click insert then click on picture like shown below.

then you must  choose the image you would like to use for your work and then click insert once you have found the image you wanted.

and say for your work the back ground is black and you want the image to blend in and not have a stupid white background round the image? like below

to change this just double click the image and the tool bar will change and in the top right corner will then have several words click on "recolour" as shown below.

once you click on this a little drop down will appeare like shown below, then you click "set transparante colour"

then once you have click on it a mouse will appear then you just click on the outer color and it will then change to the same as the background colour, job done! 

like shown below.  


  1. This is great Daniel - a really useful tip for people working with images in Word. Do you have any more ideas?

  2. Thanks Helen, this really helped me when so hopefully it will help others. i may have so more ideas to add to the blog later in the year.

  3. Great find D, there a way to "clean up" the images if it has jagged edges?

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  5. This is fantastic, thank you :')